Tonight is just one of those nights where life finally slowed down and I get to reflect on something I am so thankful for. Something that has completely transformed my life in so many ways. Something that has brought me to the strong, empowered woman I am today. CYCLING Now, for those of you who […]

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About a month ago, I moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Moving during the holiday season was nothing short of complete chaos, but once I finally came back from time with the family, the city began to feel like home. I never realized until now how much simply having furniture and decor makes a space feel more […]



I believe we should all write more letters. Hand-written letters. In a world inundated with technology and texting where yes, you can save moments of encouragement and love with a screenshot, having something hand-written is even more precious than it was before. And let’s be real…I’m way more likely to lose a screenshot on my […]

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Last December, upon entering 2017, I did an exercise where I came up with a word I wanted 2017 to be centered on, and that word was support. My aim was to seek more support for myself and to be a bigger support to others. Looking back on this year, I can confidently see how […]



HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! or Tranks-giving as I like to refer to this holiday at my house hehe. This morning I woke up to my daily text from Shine…cue plug for Shine below ↓↓ Shine is an awesome, encouraging, thought-provoking resource that sends you a text every weekday with a quote and an article to start your […]

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Dear Gamma Mu,

On Sunday, November 12, 2017, the Gamma Mu Chapter of the Chi Omega Fraternity was installed at Coastal Carolina University, making it the 181st chapter of Chi Omega. That date will easily stick out as one of the best days of my life. I am filled with purpose knowing that I got to play a […]

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Comfort. Courage. Connection.

I am so excited about this blog today. I’ve written at least four drafts of it trying to get my thoughts in order, and then, finally, this weekend it all clicked. The dots connected and I finally feel like I have something worth sharing regarding what I’ve experienced the past few weeks. This past month […]

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